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4 ways to make your garden shed better

Getting outside, gardening and spending time with family and friends are all great ways to spend your free time. But if you want to get the most out of your outdoor experience, consider adding a storage shed to your garden. A shed is a great way to add hidden storage to your home, or it can be used for hobbies like woodworking, photography or woodworking. Here are some tips to help you get started and create a shed that you will be proud of.

How to improve your shed

Sheds for the garden are really useful, but they can quickly become neglected eyes. Still, in a small garden, they need to earn their place by looking good as well as being useful.

There are many ways to improve a garden shed, such as painting the exterior panels, replacing or improving the roof, adding one of the  best gas grills  inside it and even chairs to sit on and enjoy your shed.

Paint it shed

Painting your  shed for the garden  not only protects the wood but it will also enhance the look and feel of your garden. Bright colors will give your garden energy and lift your mood. More neutral colors, such as olive green, can make your shed less prominent and will help it blend in with the planting. If you paint it a dark color, such as black or deep blue, it will appear further away, making a small garden look larger.

Add a water sound to your shed

Long, hot summers and less rainfall mean we all need to recycle water where we can, so collect it on top of your shed. To catch and store rain, just install gutters directly under the roof and a drain pipe leading into a water spout. You can use it to water your garden and all plants that prefer rainwater to tap water, both indoors and outdoors.

Add a green roof to your shed

A shed roof, no matter how small, is a great replanting opportunity in what would otherwise be a desolate place. Plants will soften the look of your shed so it can blend in with the greenery around it. A green roof will also help insulate the shed and provide wildlife.

Use your shed to grow plants

If you have used your growing area on the ground, you can consider growing plants on the sides of your shed. Your shed is a perfect place to build a green wall. Plant grass, sedum and wild flowers in it, or let the local plant population colonize it naturally.

However, you can hang pots or grow bags, or you can attach gutters and shelves that can be filled with pots. All of these can be planted with seasonal shades, fast-growing vegetables or more permanent perennials.


Finally, there is a good selection of ideas. Some sheds are quite basic and need only a little storage. However, you can use the same design to divide your shed into spaces that serve different purposes.


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